Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Postal excellence

Today's mail was extra good: 1 magazine, one letter, one holiday card, one return-to-sender misaddressed holiday card (the only down note, to be hand-delivered on Saturday), and 2 copies of the fall issue of The Antigonish Review (the issue is not yet online) containing my flash fiction, "Do."

I am so delighted to see it there, and it is a story I am quite proud of, but it is somewhat jarring reading as it was written a few years back and is *much* different from what I'm doing these days (how much flash fiction are you seeing from me lately, really?) It's nice to be reminded that I have a little bit of range, though it's sequential--I can no more go back to doing what I was doing in 2006 than I can skip ahead to whatever I'll be up to in 2012 and see how that goes. I can only hope the cycle repeats, one of these days.

Anyway...hope you enjoy the story, and the whole of a very attractive-looking issue (mine was in *3* layers of shrink-wrap--it's like they *knew* about the slush-storm!)


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