Monday, October 19, 2009

Ottawa is Awesome

So I went to Ottawa this weekend to do a reading at the famous Manx pub (note that this link mentions an actual Manx cat but I failed to see one. I wonder if they meant a painting??) Anyway, I heart Ottawa and have some awesome friends there, but still I was frightened because it was my first solo reading. On a slate of three or so readers, as I usually am, some pressure is taken off because I can think to myself, "Well, he's really good and she's really good, so even if I just keel over after the intro, the audience will get a pretty good night out of it."

Of course that didn't happen and the reading went well (they almost always god well, I know I know; this has nothing to do with me freaking out or not). In case you weren't there and feel sad that you missed it, here's the play-by-play (thanks to G. for stellar photography).

Poet, bartender, Plan 99 Reading Series organizer, and swell guy David O'Meara introduced me. My lovely posse--Fred, me (note classic RR fear gesture), Myrna M. almost obscured, John M., and the back of L.'s head, showing off her very shiny hair.

An action shot--my approach to the mic.


Myrna volunteered as "honourary cashier," rather above and beyond, I'd say. Here, making our first sale.

Signing a book (rock star!) while John keeps an eye on me--just as every editorial relationship should be.

Wow, that's a lot of pictures of me me me. My next post while be about something/someone else, promise. Thanks, Ottawa, Manx folks, and posse, for making it such an awesome weekend for me!



m. said...

i wish i could have been there! i reviewed some short stories of yours for rover arts mag and really wanted to make it out. glad you liked ottawa!

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Oh, thanks, M! I really enjoyed that review! I've read in Ottawa two falls in a row, so I may be back again... I really love that town!