Thursday, October 22, 2009


Depending on your mood and inclination, you might enjoy one or several of the following:

--A beautiful and very sexy duet of "Emmanuel" by trumpeter Chris Botti and violinist Lucia Micarelli (via Leon via Mark)

--So this Dresden Cloak is pretty good: 42 3rd Act Twists (my favourite: "Ancient Druids lose interest") is only the latest of a number of amusing things from the site Scott's sent me lately (er, via Scott, obviously).

--Tonight, Amy Jones, Carrie Snyder and myself read at ArtBar in Kitchener to celebrate The New Quarterly's new issue. I am very excited, and would be delighted to see you there.

--Tomorrow night is the Peep Show at the international festival of authors, hosted by Hal Niedzviecki and featuring a number of authors, including Lauren Kirshner and Dani Couture. See Dani peep it up on her blog.


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