Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mambo Pivot

There's a drop-in dance class I like to take sometimes, despite the fact that I am utterly utterly incapable of keeping up, and render every single move as a nervous little skippity-hop. The reason I like to go is that the instructor is a sparkling lunatic with a giant smile and voice, and sunrise-coloured ponytail in the middle of her head. She makes every move or combination she announces sound like the new best thing, and I always feel her encouragement of my skippitying is real and not condescension.

*Anyway*, one of the moves she announced in Monday night's class was the "mambo pivot" (skip forward, hop, skip back, if you are me). I had always thought the Pivot at the Press Club reading series was pretty flawless, but this set me to wondering...could it be better with mambo? Could tonight be the night?

Even if it's mambo-free, tonight's readings should still be pretty fab. Be there for eight and hear Jacqueline Larson, Mark Sampson and Sarah Selecky read some stuff. Dancing optional.

You let me down slow

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AMT said...

i am a big fan of the mambo pivot! it is all the rage in the step aerobics class that i take -- the instructor is always suggesting to the older ladies in the class that is 'better to fake this one than to get dizzy and fall over'.

actually (why am i divulging this on your writing blog?) ... i may soon be TEACHING this step aerobics class, so then i will be the one CUEING the mambo pivots. and that would be very fun. the class is drop-in...