Monday, July 13, 2009

Did I miss anything?

Kingston was lovely, filled with tiny dogs, bizarre bizarre buskers running in hamster wheels and jumping on pogo sticks, friendly American tourists, delicious pizza, and trees ideal for napping beneath. So what did you get up to this weekend?

My 12 or 20 questions (actually, 19!) with rob mclennan is now posted. If you've lost all interest in me, I'd still advise you to check out the series, as so many cool writers confess their thoughts on writing, writers, reading and fruit on it.

Oh, and upcoming, a review of Coming Attractions 08 from Andrew M., whose blog is pretty cool.

Ok, now back to real life, where no one ever juggles flaming clubs or makes my bed for me, and I have do things that don't take palce in sunshine. Even still, I'm rather fond of real life.

If it's all right with you / I'd like to come home with you tonight

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Andrew M. said...

thanks for the plug in the blog. last i heard the review is a go-go. we should sushi soonish.