Monday, June 1, 2009

The week that will be

This is week is one with way too much fun in it, such that of the events below, I'm only actually able to attend a couple. But my hope burns that if I can't go, prehaps someone I know can, and will, and will report back. Hence the listings; go ye forth!

Monday (ie., tonight)

Terry Griggs and Vicki Delany read at McNally Robinson's Mystery Monday at the Don Mills Centre.

Andrew Daley, Packanimal, Matt Shaw, Julia Tausch, Richard Todd and Truth Is read at Strong Words fourth anniversary celebration, at the Gladstone.


Cynthia Flood's book launch at Ben McNally Books for The English Stories.


Marianne Apostolides, Su Croll, rob mclennan and Steven Mayoff read at Pivot at the Press Club.

Friday through Sunday

Readings, music, discussions and snacks at The Hamilton Jewish Literary Festival.

Whatever you attend, have fun!!

She had eyes bright enough to burn me / they reminded me of you


August said...

I finally get to go to something! I'm hitting up the Terry Griggs launch tonight.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get all the way out there...

Rebecca Rosenblum said...


That's awesome!! TTC tip: take the Danforth line to Pape, and then the 25 (any version, D, C, whatever) to the Don Mills Centre (it's the stop right before Laurence; you'll have to cross the street when you get off).

Have fun...and blog it for the rest of us?


August said...

I'll try and take some notes. I don't think I've ever blogged about a social occasion before. Well, I have, but it was one of those "had to do it under a pseudonym because it was shockingly candid and people would hate me" deals.

I had to take the day off to go, but it will be worth it to find out how somebody from Biblioasis got my mailing address. ;)

(I kid: it will no doubt be fun for other reasons too.)

August said...

Took notes as promised.