Friday, June 12, 2009

Saving you from boredom, one link at a time

Did you know that AMT has a blog? And that's it's fabulous, and contains regular updates about dogs, the Weather Network, and all the other various ways life is amusing? I have been dreaming of (and campaigning for) this for *years*, and now I am happy. You go read and be happy, too.

Another thing I've been wanting for a while is the re-emergence of rob mclennan's fascinating series of author interviews, 12 or 20 Questions. And now it's back, and being posted regularly on rob's clever blog. Hooray! (Am I now going to get everything I've wished for? That would be odd. Maybe only blog-related things I've wished for.)

Finally, Penelope Trunk has a good post on prioritizing. Actually, it's a slightly snarky post about how people who don't read blogs are dumb and slow (I don't agree with that; much as I like blogs, they are a personal choice, like a New Yorker subscription. Or heroin.) But she makes some really good points about how we have time for what we care about, and less time for what we, consciously or not, regard as unimportant. This is a good truth to acknowledge for me, and it's stuff like this that keeps me reading PT although she a) is mean and b) talks a lot about her sex life for no reason. But actually, neither of those things are boring either!

Happy reading!

Thank you stranger for your therapeutic smile


Fred said...

she a) is mean and b) talks a lot about her sex life for no reason.

That about encapsulates the secret of her success.:)

AMT said...

my blog is (a) almost the opposite of PT's on these two rose-coloured measures and (b) hoping to be as awesome as fred's when it grows up