Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post-cottage miscellany

That orange chair is where I've been more or less steadily the past few days, chatting with old friends, petting the dog, reading The New Yorker fiction issue (oh, Jonathan Franzen, you've done it again!), eating cookies, and periodically staring up in stunned silence at the beauty around me. So *that's* what people like about cottage weekends. Now I know.

But I am, as ever, glad to be back in the 416. Happy things that greeted me upon my return are phone calls from friends, emails from same, my beloved indoor toilet, a nice review in Gloss, and the news that Canadian Notes and Queries new website is up, with tonnes of good stuff, including my first ever published review. I'm pretty proud.

My little review is the smallest reason to go get a copy of--or subscribee to!!--CNQ. It's a great journal and full of things to make you think. As Dan points out, putting your name on a subscriber list to a litmag is, these days, pretty much a political act, tantamont to signing a petition in favour of keeping small creatively and critically engaged communities alive and funded. So if there's a journal you believe in and you can possibly afford it, put your name down.

I was helpless as a chess piece/lifted up by someone's hand


boethius said...

Looks like someone has been listening to a lot of Bright Eyes

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

You aren't really a sad trombone, are you?