Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing Samantha

I'm pleased to say that my future work in the world will now be represented by the very book-savvy Samantha Haywood at Transatlantic Literary Agency, Inc. Here we are at Samantha's author party last week, her looking like the charming individual she is, me looking mildly deranged for wearing an enormous winter coat in June (you can't even tell in the picture, but it's actually buttoned wrong, too!)

I have to say that I find it mildly terrifying to even suggest that I will *have* future work in the world, but one of the best ways allay terror is to work with smart people, so this is, I'm sure, a good step forward.

Gloria / where are you?


Andrew M. said...

WAH amazing! Fine work!

AMT said...

lovely! even with a ill-buttoned winter coat in june!