Thursday, June 4, 2009

Danuta Gleed Citations

These came in the mail today, and as I haven't seen them anywhere on the web, I thought I'd share. Obviously I'm pleased for *Once*, but also for *The Withdrawal Method* and *Evidence* too--sincere congratulations to Messieurs Malla and Colford, and much gratitude to Merilyn Simonds, J. J. Steinfeld, Rudy Wiebe, and The Writers' Union of Canada for the following:

*The Withdrawal Method* (Anansi): "Wonderfully imaginative stories that carry the reader from contemporary childhood bewilderment to loving and dying young adults to nineteenth century chicanery or a future world where Niagara Falls has dried up and life exists between detritus and rage. A profound, compassionate voice that creates a world where 'the streets will be black and wet with melted snow and spangled golden with street lights, and riding back home along them [on your bicycle, you] will tonight feel a little bit like falling.'"

*Evidence* by Ian Colford: "A disturbing, moving, and most of all, insightful look at the life of a wandering outsider attempting to find his place in a world that is often emotionally physically dangerous. The stories in *Evidence* demonstrate a firm control of narrative and language: they are the work of a skilful, talented storyteller unafraid to confront the darkness, confusion, and yearning for sense that is at the heart of our fragmented modern societies."

*Once* by Rebecca Rosenblum: "A pungent, witty exploration of the lives of working class twentysomethings, *Once* is both highly imaginative and closely observed. The writing in *Once* is assured; the voice, compelling. While these stories grapple with gritty contemporary urban realities, they are enlivened by an almost whimsical hope."

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