Sunday, April 26, 2009

This weekend

This weekend feels like it's been going on for weeks, and there's still two hours left! There was hot sun and mild sun, thunder-and-lightning rain and gentle plink-plink rain. There was a giant chocolate cake, an eggplant curry, several chocolate cookies and a lot of salsa. There were a lot of really cool people and one really long walk on which I obtained a tiny sunburn and a mop! There was also not much in the way of sleep, which might account for the seeming spaciousness of time.

There was a road trip to the new McNally Robinson in Don Mills, a place I'd encourage you all to visit. The store is, while not perfect, is a lovely lovely shop filled with natural light and realistic-looking trees, and books! Not yet quite so many book as you'd think in this big shiny space, but I'd imagine more are on the way and the selection is already pretty good. I would urge you to make the long trip to Don Mills even if that's not your usual 'hood just to see this place and buy a book or two. The reason I want to press you to do that is because I asked the cashier if there would soon be lots of more convenient McNally Robinson's in the heart of Toronto, and her response was that head office will see how *this* branch does before deciding. So if you want more diversity of bookstores in our city, vote with your wallet and your metro pass (the #25 from Pape station will take you there), and head northeast!

I learned two new games this weekend and have already forgotten the rules to both, and I also enjoyed without understanding the movie Duplicity (if you saw it and understood, please email me!) This weekend was, as my students say, obviously pretty bomb.

Because the drugs never work

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Kate S. said...

I'm predisposed to like the new McNally Robinson on account of my attachment to the one in Saskatoon, but I feared it might not be readily accessible, so I appreciate the transit tip! Some day soon I will hop on the #25 and check it out.