Saturday, April 4, 2009

As of now

In case the suspense was getting to you, as of now I can speak a little bit, very quietly and squeakily, but at least actual words aloud. Since this is incredible progress over yesterday, which was spent in complete silence, I have decided to extrapolate this progress to me being able to do my planned GritLit appearance tomorrow at 1:30 at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. I plan to spend today resting my voice, drinking all the tea in Hamilton, and feeling that life is extremely unfair, but if I can do the reading tomorrow, I might just get over it.

Complaints I would like to register with the universe:

1) Rainy weekend.
2) Typing this on horrible dial-up connection--probably won't even be able to post in the end.
3) Movie *Clueless* not as funny second time.
4) Doctor at walk-in clinic was baffled by my condition, and finally demanded, "Well, could you speak *before*?" As if I were trying to pull a fast one and make her give me a capability I never had before, like the old joke, "Doctor, doctor, will I be able to play the piano after the operation?" Except this doctor was not joking at all.

So, as usual, my complaints are not really complaints so much as the usual shoe-scuffs of life. I really do hope to see anyone who is around at GritLit tomorrow--if my plan to attend changes, I'll certainly post it here and I imagine the GritLit folks have a website where they post such info, as well. I would check into that, but, you know, dial-up!

No way no way

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August said...

I was indeed paralyzed with suspense, but glad to hear things are well.

And was Clueless really funny the first time around? ;)