Monday, March 9, 2009

Money in Japan

(images from here)

There is apparently only one unit of Japanese money: the yen, which is like a penny, but the bills are just giant amounts of yen (see image above).

One Canadian dollar is about 76 yen. Today, anyway.

The doors don't open at all


Mark said...

Very cool, Rebecca. I own a couple of North Korean bills that are equally fascinating (though it much stranger way).

When are you bringing your fine self back to the Press Club for Pivot nights?

- Mark

S. said...

Don't forget if you're ever stuck, just 110 yen will get you six gyoza at the 7/11, and they will even heat it up for you!

Ferd said...

seems like you have a yen for Japanese currency... ho ho ho

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Addendum: someone told me life will be easier if I get US$ traveller's cheques, and their exchange rate is 99 yen to the dollar. Interesting...

Mark, I miss Pivot!! Life has gotten a little stressful now that I teach on Wednesdays, but I will find my way back soon! I will!

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