Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As anyone who has ever gotten involved with Mr. Popsicle Pete knows, many things we want ardently in life turn out to be sadly disappointing. And yet some are better than we could ever have imagined. When I was but a naif last summer, I sure knew I was excited to have *Once* be published, but there are amazing things about the life of a book author that I would never have seen coming. Sometimes books get transcribed into Braille editions by the CNIB. Sometimes, you send your parents on a search for your first ever hometown review and they wind up meeting the staff of the H Mag. Sometimes children ask you if you know J.K. Rowling. And sometimes you get interviewed by a puppet.

I keep waiting to be blindsided by the converse downside of it all, but really, nothing thus far.

You came into my town / you came and you fell down


AMT said...

your five bookish song pics are AWESOME. i could never have thought up such cleverness.

also, in what sense was that interview done by a puppet? reading the transcript of an interview with a puppet is like listening to a radio interview done by naked people -- like, alright, but for all i know ALL print interviews could be done by puppets, and how would i ever know?

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Well, I guess we don't know, since it was an email interview, but I believe in Winston the puppet! Just like I believe in *your* puppet, and that someday you are going to speak in the puppet voice to me! Could Summer '09 be the time?