Friday, March 20, 2009


It is nearly impossible to send me things via courier. I think courier services are to send things to places where people reliably *are* between 9 and 5, and apparently I'm pretty hard to find. I'm not, actually, but I am to the couriers. If ever you want to send me something bulky, just use normal mail and I'll pick it up at the post office. Sure, it's a little slower, but at least then I'll get it, and I won't spend half an hour on the phone with Bonnie-the-unhappy-courier-lady, trying to track down my package, which--it turns out--is currently being housed in an un-TTC-able warehouse by the lake, and may be coming to me on Monday but, more than likely, won't.

I bring this up because Bonnie could not locate a sender in the tracking system, and most people I deal with regularly know my courier situation, so what could it be? This is a longshot, but did anybody out there in blogland try to send me something? And, if so, was it perishable? This is going to bug me all weekend. Even if it wasn't you, please send theorems!!

Watch it be a summons.

That says more than the first two verses


Ransermo said...

Who is the carrier. If you have been given your tracking number you can go to their website. Depending on the carrier it may give you the origin address of the package. It might give you clue as to who (what) it is.

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

That was a good idea--but when I tried, "shipper info" was blank!! It's a summons!!

Zachariah Wells said...

Canpar? I hate those bastards.

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Purolator, this time. But I hate Canpar, too--they were mean to my very nice non-English-speaking super! And returned the package to sender anyway! Grr. What'd they do to you?

Zachariah Wells said...

They've damaged shipments. They've told me to go to the warehouse (in another city), where I was told I shouldn't have come to the warehouse. They've been generally surly. Someone at the warehouse (a floor worker, not a person of
Responsibility) was so exceptionally helpful in finding my package that I tipped her ten bucks. She tried to refuse it, but I was having none of that. I really don't understand businesses who treat customers like an inconvenience.

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

At least you encountered one good egg. I actually really liked disconsolate Bonnie on the phone. But we're going on 96 hours since initial delivery attempt and still no package...I sure hope it wasn't dairy!