Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I cannot eat beef or pork" in Japanese

Po-ku to bi-fu wa taberu koto ga dekinai.

Yes, I am using the anglicized cognates (rumoured to be completely comprehensible to Japanese-speakers) rather than the correct Japanese (which would be "Gyuniku to butaniku"). And that is because this sentence is very long and hard, and my head is already very full of many important facts like how many mililitres in a cup (250), how to tighten a screw (righty-tighty), and where my emergency back-up telephone is in case the normal telephone breaks, which happens often (bottom shelf of the linen closet).

Po-ku to bi-fu wa taberu koto ga dekinai.

I'll get it--no problem!

Forget about what I said / the lights are on and the party's over

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