Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fair & Balanced Reporting

Though I try to show a positive viewpoint of life on Toronto transit, I have to admit that today a man did spit in my hair. Then I went and sat at the other end of the bus (etiquette tip: the *only* right thing to do when someone spits in your hair is go somewhere else; that is not an opening for dialogue). In my new seat, I told myself firmly that I hadn't been done any harm and it didn't matter, but I was feeling slightly shaken, as if the naysayers about public life might have scored a point somewhere (and, perhaps, they did).

At the next stop, a man got on and sat down one seat over from me.

Man: I gotta say, I really like your stockings.
Me: Oh. Thank you.
Man: I got a three-year-old daughter who loves flowers, and, man, if she saw those, she would say, beautiful.

The score is at least even, I'd say.

May you could spare her

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Kerry said...

You are so civilized! And you didn't even cry, which in my mind makes you a warrior. xo