Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

1. I've known this meme was going around for a while and was worried it would come to me.
2. I'm pretty boring and I already talk too much about myself, in person and via blog. There may not be much more I'm willing to tell that most interested parties don't already know.
3. But a poet, Troy Jollimore,, is the one who tagged me, and I always want to do what the poets are doing (The Tragically Hip were tragically misguided with their insolence towards poet-peer-pressure).
4. I still like the Tragically Hip.
5. Due to confusing circumstances, I once saw the Hip play a stadium show for $7.
6. That and The Concert for Toronto are the only stadium shows I've ever seen.
7. I don't get out much (that's not news; everyone knows that).
8. Also not news: I hate having eyebrows, and it's only social conformity that keeps me from shaving them off. Instead, I talk about hating eyebrows all the time--hence the not-news-ness.
9. From ages 7 to 10, I skipped rope on a competitive team. I was nowhere near good enough to keep on with that, but to this day, I'm a better skipper than most adults who have never skipped competitively.
10. I can't shuffle cards, whistle, ski, ice-skate, snap the fingers on my left hand, rollerblade, dive, or do a cartwheel. Whew. That's a weight off my shoulders, confessing that.
11. I didn't drink coffee until I was 23.
12. As a child, I was obsessed with ants (oh my god, I was right; this is so boring).
13. If I really like a song or album, I listen to it dozens of times in a row, until I either hate it or have to go to bed. I think it's a similar instinct to really liking a piece of cake, so you sort of want to eat the whole cake. It's an aural binge.
14. I can get my bra off without removing my blouse--a leftover from being a self-conscious kid in high-school gym. I'm now a self-conscious adult at the commerical gym, so it still helps.
15. I have never met a famous person who wasn't famous for writing.
16. I am related to a spy (now dead, but I probably still shouldn't elaborate on that).
17. I have small titanium screws in the bones in my jaw, right in front of each ear.
18. I have been hit by cars three times in three cities, never with any damage.
19. I was the one who chose the pull quote ("The alarm bell had been ringing for years") on the Canadian paperback of Jonathan Franzen's *The Corrections*. I've been dying to tell that for ages!!
20. I'm just too boring to come up with five more, I'm so sorry.

You said you didn't give a f*ck about hockey / and I'd never heard someone say that before

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