Friday, December 19, 2008

Siege mentality

I am definitely the first to complain about ice and snow (to the extent that I am actually banned from complaining about heat and humidity in summer, having used up all my complaint-credits in the first half of the year). Yet there is something a little exciting about blizzards. Not when you are out in the trying to do something or go somewhere or not get hit by a skidding car, but sometimes when you are just building a fort or rolling down a hill, it's nice to be constantly coated in snow. And sometimes not.

Also cool is the sort of siege mentality of being indoors when the earth is going haywire beyond the windowpanes. I feel a little scared to go out, but very much appreciative of being in. How silly, I guess, but it is a fun white-out world out there, as seen from in here.

Maybe I wouldn't say that if I weren't beseiged in here with such deep supplies of gingersnaps and truffles.

Man, you're in love

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August said...

Being a Northerner by birth (and having lived in the North for 22 years, not all of them consecutive), I am continually amused at this sort of weather being referred to as a 'blizzard'. Drop the temperature by twenty degrees, and this is what my home town looks like during a mild snow fall in the early days of winter. My biggest obstacle on the way to work this evening was not the snow, but rather the people who don't know how to deal with it. I didn't even put on a hat or gloves (in fact, I couldn't even find my hat, and I haven't even unpacked my winter coat in years).

Generally I dislike the snow and winter (it's among the reasons I moved South), but every so often, on days like today, I feel a great, brisk burst of energy and a wonderful nostalgia. Now that the wind has died down a bit, it's quite lovely outside.