Friday, December 26, 2008


Of *course* Christmas is not really about pretty objects wrapped in pretty paper, much as I do like such things. I occasionally lose track of what Christmas *is* about, it not really being historically my family's holiday, much as we do like it now. Mainly, it's just a time of year when kindness as well as prettiness seems more apt to happen, and to be accompanied by friendliness and food and frolic. La! This year, a few of the gifts I received:

--orange scarf with *curly tassels*
--glitter cards
--apple-flavoured KitKat
--baking support (because as soon as a ruler, a candy thermometer, "egg wash" or extreme patience is called for in the recipe, I can't do it by myself)
--lunch at Allen's
--Deborah Eisenberg's *Twilight of Superheroes*
--thoughtful review in The Westmount Examiner
--out-of-town friends in town
--baby pictures
--Bill Murray in *Scrooged*
--Christmas carols on every station on FM radio (I listened for about 2 days, which is about right. I firmly believe that people who hate Christmas carols have just been over-exposed).
--new hoop earrings to replace the ones I wrecked 1.5 years ago and never got 'round to buying for myself
--somewhere in the depths of Canada Post right now, a mixed tape
--the happy realization I can finally get my foot above my head (though only if I am leaning on a wall/fridge/car)
--leisure time and naps
--fancy tea towels
--tidings of comfort and joy

I hope it was very similarly wonderful in your neck of the woods.

Star of wonder / star of night

PS--What are we celebrating on Boxing Day?

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Anne-Michelle said...

this boxing day, i have celebrated my second not-cancelled flight this holiday season! bringing the average up to 50% even.

fa la la lala, etc.
yours fondly,