Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quoting Hallowe'en

"At the Vietnamese butcher...where else would you get lungs?"

"Is this food? Oh, no, this is not food."

"Who are you? No, not your name, your costume?"

"This sex doll is not very sexy."

"This is what happens when you take apart a frog."

"There's goody bags!!"

"Well, that's very creative."

"These eyeballs stick to the wall."

"Why are you squeaking?"

Wife: "They don't get it. Nobody gets it."
Husband: "Well, it's what I'm wearing. I'm wearing it now."

"Oh my god, strobe light! Seizure! Run away!"

"The standard first-year university costume for girls is skank."

"Is it potato salad? Is it fish? What?"

"Can you move?"

Me: "Who are you dressed as?"
Man: "Mike Holmes... *Holmes on Homes*, it's a home renovation show."
Me: "I'm a girl."
Man: "Right. Nevermind"

"And he just started screaming, '7 of 9, 7 of 9!!'"

"I get it! Oh, *now* I get it! I do, I really do. Wait a second..."

"Wait for the really naked girl."

K (to me): "Ok, short people in the front for the photo."
Me: "Am I short?"
K: "Well, if you have to hop up and down to be seen, you are short."
Me: "I'm not hopping because I want to be seen, I'm hopping because I am cold. People can see me."
K: "Fine. Stay where you are then."

"What does dry ice feel like? Oh, it's wet."



Anne-Michelle said...

what was it, if not food?
i am very worried.

(also, my halloween was terrific, and in fact just ended now, but was not as quotable as yours!)

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Three days of Hallowe'en=bliss! I should move to Edmonton. But what *were* you? I looked at the FB pictures and you just looked...good!

It may have been a small plastic toy...