Monday, November 17, 2008

The Day I Went to America

...was yesterday. Whilst there, I

--an inflatable and operational Ferris wheel, each car of which was filled with a lovable Christmas-related cartoon character. It was going backwards (cost: $US179)
--big hair
--7 massage chairs (cost: $400-600)
--infinite gum
--a brand of candy called "Palatable Pleasures" (cost: too much, considering)
--more than 4 purple houses (we lost track); one each that was teal, lime-green and salmon
--children making a scene

--nonstop Christmas carols, excepting one song by Genesis and one by Steve Winwood
--"honey," "sweetie" and "darling" from people serving us in stores and restaurants
--children making a scene
--a refreshing lack of honking no matter how poorly anyone was driving

--FOUR different kinds of pop, all unknown and unattainable north of the border($1.89 to $2.25, so worth it)
--one bite each of three truffles (these were being shared; it was complicated and messy, but very good)(Cost: won from a scratch'n'win)
--all-you-eat salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden (cost: ~$15)
--fistfuls of Trix on car-ride home (cost: approximately 1/8 of $3.59)

--two pairs houndstooth tights (cost: $4 and $6)
--box of Trix ($3.59)
--2L (or Imperial measurement equivalent) bottle of Cherry Coke Zero ($1.59)
--2 3-packs of Orbit Bubblemint gum (cost: $3.59 each)
--*Midnight's Children* by Salman Rushdie (cost: $15)

--that things are very very slightly, almost imperceptibly, different since November 4 (cost: priceless)

(c'mon, you knew I was building towards that)

I found music/and he found me


frede said...

Say what you will about the space program, Orbit Gum and the Olive Garden are the pinnacles of American achievement (Mind you, Orbit gum is made in Canada, even though you can't buy it here. Weird)

Anonymous said...

Midnight's Children is, like, my favourite book ever.

I love how I zoned in on THAT above all else here ;)

- Andrew M,

orbit bubblemint said...

Bahaha. I love the idea of Orbit Gum being the pinnacle of American achievement. (Didn't it first come out in England?) Bubblemint gum is the greatest thing of my life.