Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Monday

Well, I missed out on the chance to warn you that I was on Here & Now on CBC1 today (no podcast, sorry). Those who heard my short reading (from "ContEd") say it didn't suck. Of course, it was once again extremely entertaining to hang out at CBC studios.

I'm more on the ball in mentioning that I'll be reading at the Cool Jew Cabaret at the Leah Polsuns Theatre tonight. The show starts at 8, but I'd *strongly* advise you to come around 7 for the reception, which will include
a) food
b) a bar mitzvah machine.

And it's only Monday!

Poor helpless dreams!


Anne-Michelle said...

YOU HAVE STILL NOT EXPLAINED TO ME THE BAR MITZVAH MACHINE! it is killing me, the not knowing...

frede said...

yes i want to know as well. about the bar mitzvah machine. Also did you meet matt galloway?