Monday, October 13, 2008


It would baffling and onerous to try to make a list of all those things for which I am thankful--this is the burden of good things, I suppose, insufficient time in which to list them. But really, though Canadian Thanksgiving was originally conceived as a harvest holiday and it is supposed to have vague connotations for being appreciative of all good things, I believe most stereotypical images of Thanksgiving feature mainly a) family and b) nice things to eat. And I certainly am grateful for both, and will now attempt to encapsulate that emotion in the following transcription of a conversation held earlier today:

(my father and I rummaging through the coffin-sized deep-freeze in my parents' basement)

Me: Green beans, green beans, oh, pizza! Green beans, green beans...

Dad: Beets, do you like beets? Do you want these?

Me: Sure. Thanks. Green beans, Broccolli...

Dad: Yellow beans, green know, I don't really like vegetables anymore.

Me: What? You like vegetables. You've always liked vegetables.

Dad: Some of the thrill is gone, I think. I don't even know what the hell this is.

Me: (peering intently at frozen green blog in his hand) Is it broccoli? It could be broccoli.

Dad: (speaking to the green lump like Hamlet spoke to the skull of Yorrick) That may be. That may well be.


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Benbola said...

Well observed.