Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taking It to the Streets

Two days post-launch, I'm starting to breathe normally again, and to focus on coherent thoughts other than, "Ack!" and "Hooray!" But there are future tailspins coming up, and I'll mention them here in case you happen to be in the neighbourhood of said spins, and feel like coming out to comfort me.

September 24, 2pm--An Afternoon Book Chat with Pasha Malla at the Thin Air Winnipeg literary festival.

September 24, 8pm--Matches and Misses readings, also at Thin Air, this time with writers David Bergen, Nicole Markotić, Daria Salamon, Pasha Malla and Gerald Hill.

October 15, 8pm--The launch of the sure-to-be-wonderful Pivot Reading Series at the Press Club in Toronto. Fellow readers are Paul Vermeersch, Leigh Nash, and Alex Boyd. I'm really excited for this because the Pivot Series is sort of goddaughter to the wonderful IV Lounge Reading Series, which Paul and then Alex ran for a total of ten years. Carey Toane will be doing it now, and I'm v. v. pleased to be on the ground for lift-off (there is something wrong with that metaphor), with all the old and new guard.

October 21, time tba--A group reading at Bryan Prince Bookseller in Hamilton. Extra awesome because it is as close as I'm likely to get to a hometown reading. My hometown does not possess a bookstore, and Bryan Prince was always where I shopped for books as a kid, so it's pretty exciting to go back there and see, perhaps, my own book on the shelf.

October 22, 8:30pm--THE WRITING LIFE #3 discussion with Pasha Malla and Ivan E. Coyote, hosted by Neil Wilson Ottawa International Writers Festival

So we're either headed into some good times, or this blog will cease entirely to be about reading and writing, and be given over to talk of my hair and places I've fallen down. Oh, suspense!

Never knew it would end til it did


Laura said...

Holy whirlwind tour! And you and Pasha are joined at the hip! Pasha might not mention it, but he owes all his literary success to me. Feel free to tell him I said that. Or mention it on one of your panels.

In fairness, though, Pasha introduced me to Ian (or Ian to me, really), at a Descant party many moons ago, so he is basically the catalyzing agent for my life-happiness.

Maybe it's a fair trade?

Have a blast on the tour!


Anne-Michelle said...

"So we're either headed into some good times, or this blog will cease entirely to be about reading and writing, and be given over to talk of my hair and places I've fallen down."

This is up there tied for my favourite blog comment ever, alongside the Ferdinand classic:

"My brush with fame had turned into ratty comb" (discussing her seeing Lenny Kravitz in line in montreal outside HMV, but then it turned out not to actually be Lenny Kravitz.)

... I am SO hoping you accidentally overshoot Winnipeg and come to the Edmonton Writer's Festival that I Just Made Up.


August said...

Ah, it's too bad you aren't going to be at Word on the Street here in Toronto. I went out looking for your book today, but my neighbourhood store said it wasn't in yet. I figured I'd just grab it at the festival, but it seems like Biblioasis won't be represented either (at least, according to the festival website). Looks like I'll have to drag my ass to Pages this weekend. :)

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Sorry, guys, no Edmonton festival that I know of (find me one! I'll come!) and no Word on the Street for Biblioasis this year. They're actually located in Emeryville, so they don't do all the TO events.

Thanks for looking for my book, August--it'll work it's way around eventually, but for now, Pages is the sure bet.

August said...

You'll be happy to hear that even though they didn't have a copy, my local bookstore *did* say that they'd had quite a few requests for it. :)

Rebecca Rosenblum said...


:) indeed! What a nice thing to hear/read!