Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still Thrilled

And then this morning, *Once* got reviewed in the Globe and Mail by Jim Bartley. I remain slightly heart-poundy/hysterical about reviews (this is only number 3 for *Once*) but I think this one is pretty good.

I think I'd like to go downtown/and take it easy


Evie said...

Congratulations! Haven't got to the paper yet but I'll look for it.

frede said...

a great review! but I cannot find the latest walrus for the life of me. hope all is well :)

Anonymous said...

phew! ... i read reviews of my work but it is nowhere anyone but a few weird linguists will see it. you are so brave! i am so happy for you! also, bring more shoes to the corn fields next time! (er, about an earlier post i realize, but i am scattered today)

Anne-Michelle said...

oh. wait. that last comment is from me.