Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Please advise

A few things I could use some help with, if you happen to know...

1) Can anyone recommend a fairly accessible book on the KKK? For obvious reasons, I'm reluctant to do a blind web search on this sort of things, and also obviously, I don't know anyone with first-hand experiences.

2) Can anyone explain to me what's going on with Toronto recycling? (I believe it's different from city to city, so out-of-town advice I guess doesn't count.) Can you mix paper and plastic now? What about shopping bags? I don't understand the new labels on the bins in the subways, nor the (different) ones on the bins in my appartment building. I'm worried I'm not being as helpful to the planet as I mean to be. Standing in the alleyway trying not to get hit by a car or a pigeon, I'm not at my best trying to figure this stuff out, and so far no one else seems to know either (comforting in solidarity, but unhelpful).

3) How long can you keep olives in the fridge once the jar has been opened?

4) What should I wear to my book launch? I am *sure* it doesn't matter to the audience (since I've been the audience up until now, and have no memory of what any author has ever worn at a launch/reading/anything) but this is the current thing my mind has perched on to worry about.

If you can weigh on this stuff, that'd be awesome. And, hey, feel free to give me some good advice on an unrelated matter you think I need help with--I take direction well.

I'm listening to the low moan of the dial tone again


Kerry said...

1) I don't know any such books. "Iggie's House" by Judy Blume does deal with relevant subject matter though, and I recommend it.
2) I will bring you my recycling brochure that lives on my fridge.
3)I keep mine forever. But I also pick mould out of things and then eat them, so I might not be the best person to ask.
4) Could you wear one of your vintage dresses? They're not serious writer black, but you're more interesting than that.

Anonymous said...

3) There's a jar in the 'fridge right now that has the bottom. "Are these okay?" I've asked Eric, the only eater of olives in this apartment. "Yeah, they're fine," he's replied. 'Course he does put completely empty jars back in the 'fridge, so I'm not sure he was paying attention to what I was asking.

I also have this problem with jars of pickles.

Ransermo said...

1) Start with wikipedia and use the references at the bottom. Probably the best place to start.
2) recycling varies city to city. If Kerry has the updated brochure that would be the easiest way to explain. Otherwise I would go to the city of Toronto website and search for recycling and there will be a FAQ there.
3) if it is in oil a couple months, otherwise you should throw it out.
4) Something nice that won't get in the way when you walk up to the podium to read. Nothing flammable either.


Anonymous said...

oh I`m glad to know I`me not the only one with google phobia. When I was at McGill I read a book called Invisible Empire for one of my US History classes. It is about the historical Klan not the modern day Klan, if that makes a difference.

re: the outfit, are you famous enough to have a famous designer lend you something? Because I think you are. And you should.


Anne-Michelle said...

... i am surprised to discover i know so little.

the only thing i have to contribute to all these important questions is that you should not wear anything in which you feel uncomfortable (a) raising your arm (b) crossing your legs (c) reaching over someone (d) moving very quickly. ... you know, just so you don't have to worry about hems or flashing strangers. :)


also, don't wear olives, no matter how recently you opened them.

Anonymous said...

I have three jars of mystery-date olivers in the fridge. Once your advised, please advise.

naya said...

My olive-addicted French guy says if the olives are immersed in oil, you can keep the jar for 6-8 months. If it's just olives, then 2-3 months is your best bet. Mouldy cheese can be good; mouldy olives, no way.

My vote would be to wear something with colour. Teal/turquoise would work on you, I think. ;)