Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Futurity

At reception at the end of a doctor visit.

Me: Oops, I forgot to ask Dr. C. when I have to come back. Do you have it in the file?

A: Yes, it'll be in a year.

Me: A year! Well, I guess I'll call--

A: We can book it now--how's September 20?

Me: September 20, 2009? I could be on the moon by then!

A: The moon?

Me: Well, you know, not actually the moon, but anywhere, really...

A: Is early morning ok? 9 am?

Me: I don't *know*!

A: (looks at me intently)

Me: 9 am, September 20, 2009 is fine.

A: That's a Tuesday.

Me: Sure it is.

A: Do you need a reminder card?

Me: I will lose that card in a year.

A: Here is your card.


Come *on* now--does anyone really know for sure that we're going to be having a September 20 in 2009? Who has evidence that we're not going to get to September 14 and then start counting backwards again?

Is an inability to conceptualize the future evidence of my fundamental inmaturity?

The dancers need a dancefloor / the swingers gotta swing

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Anne-Michelle said...

laughing. ... i am contemplating attending a conference on september 9-11 in portugal. and i am going to a play on april 8 2009. those are my two obligations.

oh, and i will be having a birthday.

so, i got THREE things for 2009. but nothing as late as sept 20, so you're right. hope i see you on the moon.