Monday, September 1, 2008


from so many sources, most of them helpfully catalogued on the interweb!

Listen: Kerry Clare reads Carol Shields's Unless at Seen Reading (and accidentally matches her dress to the cover).

Look: Exile Quarterly's website got a redesign.

Marvel: Steven W. Beattie wrote 31 short story reviews in August (good ones; I guess it'd be a less impressive feat if they sucked).

Read: I got interviewed by Deanna McFadden at Experience Toronto.

Dream: Fred tells me maybe we *can* someday retire to the moon.

Expect: Coming Attractions 08 (that link is to last year's model, but you get the idea) to be on shelves in the next couple months, containing three stories each by three new authors, one of which is me! (And the stories are "ContEd," "The House on Elsbeth" and "Tech Support," if you are curious.)

Oh my goodness, tomorrow is back-to-school! Not for me, though. Sigh.

I don't wanna choose black or blue / I don't wanna see what they done to you

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