Monday, August 18, 2008

You might wanna

1) Attend the launch of the book in the preceeding post--this advertisement was supposed to come at the end of my *The Killing Circle* review, but in my excitement I forgot. See the link for full deets, but quickly, it's tomorrow night at 8:30 at the Gladstone, and it's gonna be awesome.

2) Donate school supplies to kids in need via the Salvation Army and Sleep Country. It's always good to give, but this is especially fun because it enables the school-deprived to indulge in coloured pencils and theme binders, and to finally find a good home for the very expensive scientific calculators we were forced to buy in grade 11 (it's official: logarithms are no longer relevant to my life).

We can reach the sea / they won't follow me

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Ransermo said...

But Logarithms are fun. ;)