Thursday, August 21, 2008

True and amazing

1) Getting off a crowded bus today, I emerged into an equally crowded busstop, with a long thick line of humanity snaking into the distance. There was about a busful of people there waiting, give or take a few. I walked away along the line and in the thicket of it, I passed a boy of about twenty, engineer cap and diamond stud, but cheerful open blue eyes. He was supporting a red chrome low-rider bicycle with wide silver handlebars. I glance at the baleful crowd ahead of him and behind and thought, "How's that going to work out?" Then I drew parallel to him and glanced again at his face, and he looked right into my eyes and shrugged.

2) Once got a starred review in the Quill and Quire this month. People have been telling me this all week, but I finally got a copy today and there it was.

It's true, I swear.

Your hair twists / in miniature mobius strips

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