Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the weekend (an epic photo essay)

There was a journey to Rexdale.

Then Blogger freaked out and wouldn't let me show the rest of the pictures. But trust me, it *was* epic. You wouldn't believe how far you can go and still be in Toronto. That's what I love about Toronto. You wouldn't believe how thrilling imported sodas (Ting! Faygo!) can be! I tried on the world's sluttiest dress, and leggings that came down over my toes. I bought a quarter pound of balloons! Good times, my friends, good times.

Don't wanna see it on my windowsill


frede said...

Faygo! Giant Tiger is an Ottawa institution!

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Fred, I got my picture taken embracing a giant stack of Faygo cartons just for you! When the internet calms down, I'll send it!!