Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So, yes, I did it: I bought a digital camera. It doesn't usually take this much Sturm und Drang to buy a camera (or a house) but I have a tough time with electronics. Thanks to all who supported me in my invented problem, and thanks especially to the subject of my first digital photo, beautiful Afshan in the unbeautiful rain:

The other major event of the weekend was a haircut that reduced my attractively uninteresting (boringly benign?) shoulder length curls into the Emo-Boy Special--a jaw-length tangle that flips over my entire face the moment I nod. Leaning forward, I could be in My Chemical Romance. *You* try to guess the difference:

See, impossible to tell who's who!!

Look forward to more amusing guessing games of this nature with the help of Mayumi. Mayumi is the camera--I name my appliances to make them seem less threatening, and this camera is of Japanese parentage.

My heart is far away / tell me what to say

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frede said...

Um, I really like you hair actually, what I can see of it. Sorry. Perhaps you are looking for commiseration and not contradiction. Since you don't like it, I hope it grows out fast, but at least you are not scaring small children in the interim (which is what it sounded like from your description, LOL!)