Friday, July 25, 2008

Blog stars

I wonder why everybody being extra-interesting on Wednesday? And yet they so were:

"It all comes down to the slippery definition of “friendship,” a definition that is rendered ambiguous by the Internet’s systemic blurring of the divide between the personal and the private. A person can be, in Niedzviecki’s definition, “disengaged” by virtue of a computer monitor, yet still feel a personal connection with an online figure, whether that person be someone met in a chat room, through the comments section of a blog, or via an online gaming community."
--from With Friends Like These by Steven @ That Shakespeherian Rag

"I can be a morbid person. Especially around this grocery store, where people with canes but young bodies, and hunchbacks, and disappointed and wild eyes, inevitably attract my attention for reasons I've never been fully able to understand. So when I saw this bride, I was already on edge in a way. My first thought was, Oh my God, she is going to jump off the roof."
--from "Bride on a Pawnshop Roof" by Lauren

"Poets, I'd supposed, knowing better than the rest of us the careful constructs upon which ideas are built, of "just words" after all, and how those words and those ideas can't be bent and twisted into anything, and that anything is everything, and that nothing can be sure. The difference of a line break, a comma; how fragile is simply everything, including life itself."
--from "Of Poetry and War Crimes" by Kerry @ Pickle Me This

Maybe Wednesdays are better than I thought!

What will become of us / oblivion

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