Sunday, July 20, 2008


Reviewing is tough! Such is the restrictive nature of the form that yesterday's review did not even include what I felt was the best bit of my film-going experience: what happened in the women's bathroom after the show.

It was very crowded and noisy with the post-*Get Smart*, post-theatre-size soda crowd. Above the hubbub, though, I could hear teenaged voices yelling,
"Mira, are you here?"
"Yeah, I'm at the sinks!"
"Are you here?"
"I'm here."
"If you're here, I'm gonna come out."
"Come out!"
"I'm gonna come out."
If you are not a frequenter of women's bathrooms in multiplexes, I should point that this is not abnormal aural wallpaper--I barely registered it. I did happen to notice the reunion of Mira with her companion exiting her stall--they turned out, unsurprisingly, to be pretty 17ish girls in shorts and elaborate ponytails. More surprisingly, their greeting to each other was not exchange of whispers and lipgloss, but whispers followed by shrieking and bouncing up and down in a tight embrace.

By this point I was registering the interaction rather accutely, and possibly doing a rather over-thorough job of washing my hands. As I turned, dripping, in search of hand towels, the girls approached me through the crowd (possibly because I was staring at them like a movie screen) and asked me for a tampon, which I gave them. I really feel I gave it to them both, they were such an intimate unit, though I'm sure they weren't going share.

I don't know, I was a little pleased to be involved in such a happy ending to a drama I'll never really know, though I can sort of guess. I don't really need more information, I don't think. How much do I adore fluffy goofy teenagers? And how much do I want them not to be pregnant? *So much, both!*

Don't wanna end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard

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frede said...

their request to you implies pregnancy has been warded off, at least for now(?) I admire your concern for them. I loathe all teenage girls on sight. Its, very upsetting to me to meet really nice and cool ones because they shake the foundations upon which my view of the universe is built.

I'm sure at least 6 of the top 10 worst things that ever happened to me were suffered at the hands of teenage girls. Which I suppose means I've had a pretty decent life. But still. Boo, teenage girls.