Monday, June 9, 2008

Speaking of September...

I've heard various dates for the publication of Oberon Press's *Best Canadian Stories* 08, either September or October--I think I'll just put "Fall" in the sidebar list, as that fits better--but when it comes out, it will contain my story, "Fruit Factory." This is a big honour for me, and I am quite quite thrilled. "Fruit Factory" originally appeared in issue #102 of the always-amazing New Quarterly.

Speaking of TNQ, the stories of mine that will appear there in the summer issue are "Linh Lai", "The House on Elsbeth" and "Zoom", plus an interview with Amy King--that also wouldn't fit in the sidebar, but I wanted to share. Because this is also a huge honour, to appear in such a great journal, and I am (again, still) thrilled.

Come hell or full circle

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