Saturday, June 28, 2008

Internet Abundance

There's been much action on the interweb while I was away--yall just wait for me leave, don't you? Or, actually, some of this stuff has been up a while, I'm just slow. But now I am alerting you! If you, you know, care about any of this.

--The last ever installment of rob mclennan's "12 or 20 Questions" series--with rob himself. So interesting. I was shocked at the lack of enthusiasm for pears! Also involving mr. mclennan, witness via YouTube the intense run-up to the Throw-down in O-Town last night, vs. Nathaniel G. Moore. It's too bad they couldn't have had one here (or I couldn't have posted about this earlier for the Ottawa reader(s) out there) but the videos are pretty amusing.
--In further bookishness, the always insightful Kerry Clare, writes movingly about the books we read again, on Descant Blog. I can't quite nail down the metaphor here--if the past is a foreign country, books are open tickets...? Oh, she says it much better--go read.
--Toronto poet Dani Couture has started a photo blog called Animal Effigy in order to document the ways the urban environment is haunted by images--effigies--of the animals we have shut out. The pictures are often funny and sometimes sad, and you can contribute if you have a similar eye for this sort of thing.


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