Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Times

Today is the first day of Toronto's arts/creativity/light festival, Luminato. There's a quadrillion events, dance and music and art and theatre and literature... If you look at the website, it's all very intimidating for one little human--so much cool! Ack! More intimidating: as I am a reader at the Festival of the Short Story I get invited to the Armani Opening Night Party. Which sounds super-glamourous, and I've never been inside the ROM crystal, or to a party sponsored by Armani. So I'm going to go.

Which sounds reasonable, until you realize I don't leave the house a whole lot (witness: everyone and their dalmation has already been to the crystal) and am scared of parties. And yet I find them so alluring I must go (insert depressing moth metaphor here). So we'll see how this all turns out. Once more, into the fray!

Tomorrow will be less alarming, as I am attending the non-glamourous but super-cool Toronto Small Press Book Fair
Saturday June 7, 12-5pm
. I haven't been in a few years, and it's in a new venue, and I love small presses. If you want to go, too, this one needs no invitation--

750 Spadina Ave
> Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre
(a half-block south of the Spadina subway station)

Kisses for you

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