Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Oh, that was really great. Everyone should take vacations. Who knew?

What can I tell you--I read, I wrote, I walked around, I slept until *eight in the morning* and then ate a breakfast I hadn't cooked, went for runs on semi-familiar streets, walked on actually probably unfamiliar streets. Talked about the evolution of language and the unknowability of the human race with old friends, ate at Quebecois chain restaurants (I don't know if they are better or just different than ours; sometimes the two are synonymous for me). I read even more. I got tonnes of work done (you would too if the above were your only responsibilities).

Still, I was running out of clean clothes and all my imported friends were returning to their real lives, so I did too. And now the weather is perfect and I'm going to the ballgame.

What can I tell you?

You'll be coming down

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