Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good times, v. 3.0

Yesterday was my birthday and it was awesome, and now I'm thirty. I'm excited for thirty, since when you say you are twenty-nine everyone assumes you are lying. I've never been one of those who dislikes birthdays--I'm selfish enough to really enjoy the concept of a day that's all about me, though with new people it's often hard to think of a way to tell them exactly what day it *is*. Ever since I was in high school, I've had a clever trick--I wear glitter on my birthday, to work or school or wherever I'm going. Then, when people rightly ask why, I tell them I am celebrating and they are then forced to wish me a happy birthday. Which is all I really want out of life.

I got all kinds of other stuff, too, including a pirate eyepatch (I covered it in glitter), a sparkler that singed some of my arm hair, and many many good wishes from lovely people. Also some good stuff that wasn't even birthday related--the Biblioasis Fall catalogue came in the mail on Thursday, and it is really classy-looking and interesting and CONTAINS MY BOOK, and I can't pretend I didn't flip to that page first. And that arrival inspired the Google-based ecstasy of the previous post--you can now pre-order my book via Chapters-Indigo! This is very exciting to me. Kerry pointed out that you can also find it on, and then I found it on which is awesome in a largely theoretical way, since I don't know many people in the states. But still...maybe I'll meet some!

Later on tonight, I'll be seeing a dance show (may be you want to, too

Danceworks Co-Works and Kemi Collective Present
"Between Here and Now"
choreography by Jennifer Dallas and Marc Boivin
May 22-24, 8pm
The Winchester Street Theatre (80 Winchester Street,
Tickets 416 204 1082)

And tomorrow, birthday luncheon.

And it's freaking finally spring. Look how gorgeous is outside. It's all for me, clearly.

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