Friday, May 30, 2008

Excitement all around

I am actually not feeling very excited about anything at the moment, suffering as I am from a new variety of headache that I have never encountered before, which is shooting little lightning bolts of pain across my cheekbones for some reason, despite the best efforts of generic-brand painkillers. Nevertheless, there is much that is good in the world, so I will try not to let my enthusiasm be *too* dampened by semi-agony.

Some good: last night's launch of IV Nights, which was super-fun and very well-organized (mental note: Tranzac=awesome reading space).

Also very good, except for my nerves--my own reading tomrrow, in celebration of the UofT spring reunion (see link at right). The headliner will be Elizabeth Hay, and the moderator Rosemary Sullivan, so if you are an alum, you may well want to come (you have to register via the aforementioned link). And/or the reading prior to ours, featuring the wise and witty Barry Callaghan and my esteemed classmate, Lauren Kirshner. And then, if no one falls off the stage and it turns out that I am not having a mini-aneurysm right now (!!), we will go out for Chinese food.

So, other than the library recalling The Book of Negroes before I could read it, all is serene. But, headache!!!!!!!


She was box-car-hopping

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