Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Free Associative

So I have a cold, which is making me insane! It's a pretty minor cold, as these things go, I'm sure, but since I'm rarely ill, I have poor coping skills. My eyes have been itchy, even in my sleep. The other night, I dreamed I went to the bathroom mirror to see if I had an eyelash or something in there. In the dream, the pink bit of the corner of my eye had tiny plastic snowflakes in it, and I couldn't get them out. It was weird, and icky, and then I woke up.

Yesterday, in real-life (I think), I was leaving work when a very sleepy fat raccoon lumbered out of the bushes. Its tail had been mainly lopped off somehow, and it was very very puffy and fat--it looked like an animate dust-bunny. It was headed drunkenly for the road (aren't raccoons supposed to be hibernating in winter?) I am scared of raccoons, ever since one tried to crawl up my skirt while I was eating on the rooftop patio at Hemingway's, but I didn't want to see this one squished by a car. I yelled, "Bad raccoon!" to no avail. Even though it was like 5:04 right outside my office, I was mysteriously alone outside.

"Bad raccoon! No road!" I yelled, and then I found a stick on the ground and tried to chase the raccoon away. Only, the raccoon would not be chased and *ran towards me*. I panicked, and threw the stick at the raccoon, who very wearily, like a teenaged babysitter consenting to a game of Boggle, turned and went back into the bushes. "Yeah! And stay there!" I told it, and the greyish snowy dark beside the road.

I think I have a low-grade fever.

The eventual downfall / is just the bill from the restaurant

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