Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Department of Bad Days

In a land far far away, Wren is posting again, and there is much rejoicing. And she informs us that someone said that today is the most depressing day of the year, which seems about right to me, the afternoon, anyway. Even before I read that insight, I was working on a list of the 10 worst things people have ever said to me. These are social context, not yelling on the street or anything--the people who said this stuff allegedly like me. In fact, some were actually flirting. Tomorrow, I'll go back to 1000 Things of Positive Goodness, I swear. Because tomorrow is not the most depressing day of the year.

"Is that a lisp I detect?"
"What do you mean you haven't read *Harry Potter*? I thought you *loved* books?"
"It's good to see a woman who isn't self-conscious about how much she eats."
"Where are you from? I mean originally? I mean your family...what *are* you?"
"You're a proofreader? I found a typo just the other day..."
"If you've never seen that tv show, I'll just give you a little backstory."
"Oh, I don't drink either. Just some wine on special occasions, or beer if it's really hot, or like before dinner..."
"Hey, you're a writer? That's so cool, I've been looking for someone to tell about my idea for a novel."
"You always wear something interesting."
"You know what's wrong with the publishing industry? Too many Jews."

Humanity sorta makes you want to weep sometimes, doesn't it?

Oh shoplifter / why did you take her?

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frede said...

Sad but interesting list. (Is interesting bad? I would love it if someone said my clothes were interesting... Context is everything, though.) If I wrote such a list the top 10 would all be my mom ("You're well on your way to becoming a spinster aren't you?") Also, can I just say I hate Harry Potter? I never miss an occasion to share that.