Monday, December 3, 2007

You could say it's my own damn fault

...for being cheap enough to buy the bottom-of-the-line coffeemaker, or being clumsy enough to smash the carafe by hitting it with a hot tray of corn muffins, or being weak enough to get addicted to caffeine, but I still think it's stupid and unfair that Westinghouse doesn't sell a replacement carafe for the cheapest coffeemaker on the market. Unfair to the cheap and clumsy and caffeine-addicted, I guess. Anyway, I now have a coffeemaker I could give you free of charge, never been used, as long as you can provide your own carafe. Hit me up, yo!

Who taught you to live like that?

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The Chapati Kid said...

You can try getting rid of it on -- where I gave away my coffee maker to a caffeinist in need. Just go to the website and sign up for your area. It's a non-profit that's basically set up so you can give your junk to someone else who wants your junk, instead of chucking it out.