Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This Lovely Lovely World

335. People with perfect pitch
336. How veggie wraps are tasty in almost every restaurant--seemingly impossible to screw up
337. Sloan
338. The Killers (band, der)
339. Clean dry sidewalks in winter
340. Crunching leaves or cracking ice (or making wine or bursting paintballs) with your feet
341. Clapping on the beat
342. Biting stuff
343. Canada
344. Microwaves
345. People who contribute to this
(so far: 345 a) Jessica
b) David
c) Jane
d) Kerry
e) Penny
f) Ian
g) Scott
h) Felicia
i) Fred
j) Kevin
346. Things that are better than you'd expect
347. Riding in cars
348. Harmonicas

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