Monday, December 17, 2007

Snowy days

Hey, we had a blizzard. It was great--I bailed on all parties (which, to be fair, would also have been great), all errands and the world at large. I spent the entire weekend reading and writing and, when I got too stir-crazy, going to the gym. I managed to lure writing/performance partner J. to the house last night, but other than that, I did not see a lot of other humans.

Perhaps that is why, despite the ONE AND A HALF HOURS it took me to get to work, I found the commute a great pleasure. The bus was so packed with so many humans going crazy, and yet everyone was in a good mood. Things that happened on the bus:
--woman speaking to a toddler, both aloud and in sign language, about how many people might be on the bus. The tot's ASL was still weak--she kept signing the zero first in 50. While this was being debated, we hit a stop and someone boarded. The caregiver was patiently explaining how digits worked, when the little girl, who could not speak, impatiently signed something. The caregiver laughed, and said/signed, "Ok, yes, 51."
--a teenager shrieking into a phone, "You *broke Jordan's nose*?? That's not good. Ok, how? Is it really broken? Is she ok? Ok, honestly, that's sort of funny. Has school started yet? I'm gonna be *so* late."
--when I finally got a seat, it was next to a man with an enormous, old-school, 1990s-style CPU in his lap. It came up to his chin and out to his chest, but when I dropped a piece of paper on the floor and couldn't reach it, he got it for me...somehow. So chivalry isn't dead.

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