Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Neglected Likes

In honour of the warm after-glow of Christmas, I'm offering a special collections of things I like that, I fear, are not liked by many others. I try to like them extra, to make up for it!

462. Fruitcake
463. Chicken liver
464. Small talk, especially about the weather
465. Waiting rooms
466. Airports
467. Hospitals
468. Sleeping in public
469. Really really long lists

In other news, Christmas was nice. In case you doubted that I could do otherwise, I've been writing more or less steadily, but that's a lot easiser when you don't have anything else to do besides eat, sleep, read, and go to the amusing local gym, where you NEVER run into people from high school, even though you are totally braced for it. In fact, given the low-demand life I am leading, I've accomplished very little, but I do not care because I haven't had more than one day off since July. I am totally entitled to sleep 10 hours a night and eat as much fruitcake as I can find. Also to watch a *Fraiser* marathon on television for reasons that now escape me, and play copious *Dance Dance Revolution* (OMG--I do not have my *Chicago Manual of Style* with me and I do not know what appropriate citation style for a video game is. Italics? Quotation marks? Something I haven't even thought of yet, like angle brackets? Oh, the shame!!) My bro borrowed the PlayStation and *Dance Dance* (going with the italics for now) from his girl, and it's been quite the hilarious entertainment. I fell off my mat, but only once.

Um...I've been outdoors. No, really. I went to see AMT for breakfast this am, and she was charming and her t-shirt showed a tiny mouse screaming, "Books rule!" and also she had red leather gloves. I have black leather gloves which are so elegant and grown-uppy, and I adore them and I know not how this meshes with my not eating beef. Cows--too cute to devour, but I'll wrap my hands in their skin? Well, apparently, at least for now. I'll get back to you on this.

I *do* like presents. No particular thing, just *stuff* for *me* you know. I think what I like best about gifts, letters, anything in the mail, really, is that it is evidence that someone thought about me when I wasn't around. Something about the image of a loved one standing in a card shop, glaring at one of those Shoebox-silliness cards, thinking really hard--"Would RR laugh at this?" That just kills me.

I think a lot of thought went into this holiday. I am kilt.

This comes to you courtesy of my new Magnetic Fields' cd, 69 Love Songs, vol. 2

Epitaph for My Heart

Caution caution caution
To prevent electric shock
Do not do not do not
Remove cover.
No user servicable parts inside
Refer servicing to qualified
Service personel.


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Anonymous said...

You know, my favourite thing about this list, weirdly, is that there are things on the list that I LOATHE. I think that's so funny.

Anyways, I've been remiss so:

470. The word "distaff".
471. The McGill Guide to Legal Citation.
472. Le Petit Nicolas
473. The television show "Ed"
474. Pictures taken by little kids.
475. New magazines on the newsstand
476. Cornish game hens
477. Orthotics
478. Maybelline Great Lash mascara
479. Great Expectations (the novel, not the crap Ethan Hawke- Gwyneth film)
480. The day they announce Oscar nominations
481. The Oscar Nomination Derby (shameless plug alert!!!)
482. 90210 reruns on Tropicana
483. Hiking in the Adirondack mountains
484. Vermont
485. Getting your paycheck early on Christmas week
486. The song "Basket Case" by Green Day.
487. That time I went to the Corn Maze on Wolfe Island
488. Makeovers
489. The holy texts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
490. The name "Mitt Romney"
490. The videos in the Weddings and Celebrations section of the Sunday New York Times.
491. The lids on Starbucks cups
492. Those commercials for Puffs tissues featuring the little claymation figurines with the cute noses.
493. Scotch and soda (not so much because of the taste, more because of the Nat King Cole song)
494. Pricing that includes the tax
495. Arcimboldo
496. Oranges
497. Grilled cheeses made with Taleggio cheese
498. Baton Rouge restaurant
499. Birds chirping in winter
500. A good night's sleep