Thursday, December 6, 2007


281 Wintersleep's "Weighty Ghost"
282 Streaming
283 Days of rest
284 Christmas cards


Ransermo said...

Not sure about the numbering, but anyways;

285 Pet shop boys
286 ipods on the subway
287 snowy days
288 Left handed people
289 the look on someone's face when they realize you have driven for four hours to see them
290 Birthdays
291 Hikes in the woods
292 Chinese food on Thanksgiving
293 finding money in a melted snowbank
294 Book shopping
295 being bumped to first class for free
296 Superburger
297 Sunny day in Owen Sound
298 The Nintendo Wii
299 Superman
300 Trombones
301 free anything
302 Children logic
303 libraries (particularly empty ones)
304 reading people on the subway
303 free food at work
304 Japanese food
305 sex
306 England
307 Ireland
308 vanilla ice cream
309 seeing friends in a play
310 CBC podcasts
311 Getting CDs cheap because people don't like the bands you listen to.

That's all I got right now. More later

frede said...

312. Smiles from across crowded rooms
313. The entire Kylie Minogue "oeuvre"
314. Eating a beavertail after skating the Rideau canal
315. Holding hands
316. Canada Savings Bonds
317. Little kid sneezes
318. Poutine from "la Belle Province" on the corner of Sainte-Catherine and City Councillors.
319. Malajube
320. Blue eyes, brown hair
321. Wicked, the Musical
322. Ketchup chips
323. Blow-outs
324. Photos from first year university