Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Be It Resolved That, in 2008 I Will

1. Floss everyday. I've come too far, oral-health-wise, to go down for laziness.
2. Stop eating gelatin.
3. Stop reading things I don't like just because I think I should. This applies to books and periodicals, even *The New Yorker*.
4. Investigate the condo market and make some sort of real estate plan.
5. Write something longer than 20 000 words that has a beginning, middle and end.
6. Resume my usual healthy eating habits that mysteriously disappeared in the latter part of 2007.
7. Attend more readings and other litsy events, but not indiscriminately.
8. Get the tv fixed and get a decent phone plan.
ADDED: 9. Buy local and non-corporate...as often as possible? Certainly more!
10. Go back to running, and try for a serious 10K.

My resolutions never include amorphous goals like, "be less tense" or "assume the best until proven otherwise" because those can't be exactly acheived. But I certainly do mean to both those things, and many other amorphous things besides. This is going to be a very exciting 2008, doncha think?

Stop acting like a mama's boy / instead of your father's son

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frede said...

Wonderful resolutions, B!

Especially freeing yourself from reading bondage. I used to approach the newspaper with a completist (real word?) attitude but now I blithely skip over stories about the Australian election or the Russian economy, guilt-free. And if a book is boring i stop reading no matter how important. I finished reading Tom Wolfe's I am Charlotte Simmons even though it stated sucking hard core 100 pages in and I felt like it harmed my psyche to complete it. Truly. Hope all's well. Bonne année :D :D