Monday, October 15, 2007

Name Dropping

And *another* thing that I'm behind on is shout-outs to the various people I know doing amazing things, to the extent that I've missed calling attention to things you probably would've liked to know about, or maybe did anyway, like Idle Tigers at Sneaky Dee's last night, which I missed but heard was wild and cosmic (and cosmetic) or the the launch of the Descant Fashion Issue last Wednesday at the Gladstone. The Fashion Issue is double-cool, both because I love clothes and because it contained the work of talented Rose-coloured amiga, Lindsay Zier-Vogel. In fact, it *still* contains said poems and you should really go and get yourself a copy, because the thing is enormous and filled with wild and wildly diverse takes on fashion. Something for everyone, I'm sure.

Something else I did not completely miss the boat on is the wonders of Ms Kerry Clare now sharing additional brilliance on the Descant Blog on her favourite and best subjects, literature and life. Kerry was kind enough to invite me to accompany her and her husband Stewart (hmm, don't think he has a web presence I can link to, so you'll have to take my word that he's delightful) to the launch, which was nice because it made me feel *in the know*, plus Stewart and Kerry are good company.

One last thing (that I can think of) if you feel like continuing to embrace the cultural scene with people I know, is the fundraiser this Saturday at the Now Lounge for Curtis Saretske's debut feature film, Gun In the Woods. There will be music, raffles and probably a lot of other people whose names would be worth dropping. Also, Curtis's movie!!! The tag line is: "It's about love. It's about jealousy. It's about murder." Deets below.

Sat. Oct. 20, 2007. 8pm
Now Lounge, 189 Church St., Toronto
$15 at the door

With friends like these, I don't need to accomplish anything myself, really, do I?

They crash and burn / they burn and fade so slow


Kerry said...

Maybe you don't need to accomplish anything, but you certainly haven't let this stop you.

linds* said...

thanks for the shout out lady lou!